ECI 832 – I’m uncomfortable, but that’s okay

Here goes… second grad class so there’s a feeling of being overwhelmed + first online class so trying to figure this out and stay organized + thinking I knew more than I did about technology and education than I really do = I’m uncomfortable.
But, I believe that important learning can come from being uncomfortable.
This is something that my students and I talk about a lot and in these first few weeks I have had to remind myself of this mantra…

I am really looking forward to the support system that is provided throughout this class so far – I self-declare as a bit of lurker at this point and know I need to be more active in the Google Community and on Twitter regarding course content and resources. That being said, it’s encouraging to see the amount of interaction that is happening on Twitter, in the Google Community, and on the blogs – it really makes me want to be a part of it!

Outside of taking my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction via course route, I am a high school English teacher in Moose Jaw, SK.  When I’m not in the classroom I’m either teaching at the dance studio I co-own/operate, taking dancers to competitions, travelling, or spending some quality time outdoors doing whatever these Saskatchewan seasons allow!

Also a Star Wars fan.



2 thoughts on “ECI 832 – I’m uncomfortable, but that’s okay

  1. I’m a lurker too especially with twitter. My goal is to try to post more or even retweet more often but I still find I will go on Twitter and read lots but I still am nervous about hashtags. Just remember we are all in a similar boat and together we will continue to learn and support eachother.


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