Oh right, my Project…

I don’t know why I seem to be already conflicted with my choice of project. Is it going to contribute enough? Is it challenging enough for me? Why do I want to do it this way? How can I see this fitting into my classroom? Is this something that I can see myself implementing right away? How is this going to be organized?

All of the questions are really both propelling my research forward as well as holding me back. But, that being said, I am still excited about the possibilities knowing that even if I don’t find the “answers” that I’m looking for, that this project will always be, in a sense…download (1)

I am still on track to be looking at both social and educational apps in order to see where some cross-over happens in terms of use both inside and outside of the classroom. For the social apps I have decided to look more at a combination of photo sharing apps and mindfulness apps. As for the educational apps, I’ve decided to look at more of the Google Chrome extensions (because the school I’m at is all Google Classroom and Chrome) as well as a couple that I’m exploring to help with citations, research writing, the writing process, etc.

I do not have it narrowed down yet as to which of the apps I’ll use for the purpose of the project.

I am interested in finding reports, reviews, and testimonials in regard to the positives and the downfalls that the apps might have in order to better frame my ideas in how they can be implemented into the classroom.

Throughout my project and in considering Ribbles Nine Elements, I will be focusing on Digital Literacy, Digital Etiquette, and Digital Communication.


4 thoughts on “Oh right, my Project…

  1. Very Captivating Title to this blog post – perhaps because it connects to me very well at this moment.

    I’m very curious to see how Google Apps and Extensions can be used in the classroom to make our jobs as educators easier, and to make student learning more powerful.



  2. I think that’s a idea to learn more about the Google suite of tools. I also want to learn more. Since it is being used so much in our school division I think it’s a great idea to use them more. My favourite one as an LRT is Google read and write I love that since it’s part of Google it works on Google docs too. Students can listen to their writing and help them to read material that is above their reading level. Also since it’s part of the Google suite everyone has access to it instead of it being something that only some students need to use all students can use it to help them to varrying degrees.


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