The Future of Education: Daunting

Any time that someone brings up “the future of education” I get this pit in my stomach – are we even prepared? For the most part, change doesn’t come quickly; it’s a slow process that has a tendency to feel like a “hurry up and wait” situation. However, once that lull period is over…yikes. Change gets implemented and if you aren’t ready…catch up is your only option. It’s a stressful feeling and as teachers, I think that most of us do our best to roll with what’s coming.
Most of the articles and topics presented during the week of February 8 had me thinking about the anticipation of great change in Education, and I’m reminded that it can only be done incrementally, with support, and step-by-step.

This elearningindustry article lists nine things that will shape the future of learning:

  1. Diverse time and space
  2. Personalized Learning
  3. Free Choice
  4. Project Based
  5. Field Experience
  6. Data Interpretation
  7. Exams are going to change
  8. Student Ownership
  9. Mentoring will become more important

This list is encouraging because I feel that education is definitely moving in the direction of supporting these nine components.

So in response to the question, “Do schools really need to change? If so, in what ways?”, just take a look at the list above. We are preparing students for an ever-evolving world in a digital age (or we’re doing everything we can to *think* we’re doing this).

I’ll be looking into how my major project will speak to some of the things on this list – especially when it comes to student ownership.



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