Final Project

This is the link to my final project for EC&I 832: Screencastify & Peak – Final Project

Because I composed my Final Project on a Google Doc instead of publishing its progress on blog posts, I have copied the Table of Contents here with brief descriptions of what each section entails.
If there is a specific area of interest in the final project that you would like to get to, the pages on the Google Doc are bookmarked for your convenience.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
Here I introduce the project framework, discussion my rationale for choosing this option of the projects and explore its connection to Ribble’s Nine Elements. I also experimented with Picktochart to create an infographic introduction. I discuss through screencast “What is Digital Literacy” and further explore my content catalyst presentation in discussing “What is the role of schools in teaching digital literacy?”
2. What is Chrome?
When looking at using Chrome Extensions, I thought it would be appropriate to look further into Google Chrome, what makes it different from other elements, and look into their privacy policy for any potential privacy concerns regarding myself, students, or school division. This section also looks into what are Chrome Extensions, how they are installed, what they offer, and I explore some opportunities extensions provide students who are using Google Chromebooks (ie. my students).
3. Educational App Review: Screencastify
This is where I introduce the educational app I chose to review: Screencastify. I connect Digital Literacy of Ribble’s Nine Elements to Screencastify and go into detail on my exploration of the Chrome extension. I discuss how my students used the extension, assignment details, their feedback, the process, and I use Screencastify to go over the “before” and “after” feedback on Google Forms.
4. Social App Review: Peak
I chose to review the “brain game” app: Peak. I provide a description of what the app entails, the terms of use and service, and explore their privacy policy. Similarly, I have connected my exploration and use of Peak to Digital Literacy. I give a rundown of my progress with the games, the data collected, the potential within the app, social sharing, and explore the data that was collected based on my participation in the game.
5. Conclusion


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