Summary of Learning – ECI 831

Here it is folks! My Summary of Learning for ECI 831, Fall 2019. It has been a wonderful semester with all of you and I am so thankful for all of the engagement! Please excuse the end screen as I tried (unsuccessfully) to stop the video before I went to all of my screen-sharing. This was attempt #YouDon’tEvenKnowHowManyTimesItTook, so it’s the best I got :).


Also, Nevis says Hi! (this is how we are both feeling since completing all requirements for the two classes this semester!)


4 thoughts on “Summary of Learning – ECI 831

  1. I love how you really made the learning your own and added your personal perspectives. It’s also cool how you plan to use your learnings to change the way you teach and use them in the classroom. I’m a ‘punny’ guy so I totally enjoyed an appreciated your humour. I actually think your ending adds to your video as it works almost like a fade out. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks so much, Dean!! I really appreciate your words here – it means a lot. I loved this class and reflecting on it had me really had me trying to find new and engaging ways to challenge my students – in much the same ways that I felt challenged this semester.
      I do love the puns, glad it’s not just me!!


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